anonymous sher

Fursat kise hai zakhmo ko sarahneki,
Nigahein badal jaati hai apne begane ki,
Tum bhi chhodkar chale gaye hume,
Ab tamanna na rahi naye dost bananeki…

nice in a sad way, isn't it?

Yeddyurappa Govt. resigns

19/11/2007 Bangalore (PTI): Barely a week after its formation, the first-ever BJP government in South collapsed in Karnataka today after its ally JD(S) decided to vote against the confidence motion in the state assembly.

Oh well! I can only be clutching my stomach and laughing! What was Shri Yeddyrappa thinking!!! Also in the same vein I wonder what is wrong with esteemed ex-Prime Minister of India, Shri Deve Gowda!! Has he lost his marbles? Or maybe not!! JD(S) nothing to lose at all. Either ways their party wins, whether they make coalition with BJP or with Congress; and finally if as a last resort elections are called for, they go to polls blaming both BJP and Congress for NOT "respecting" democracy!

Ha ha ha ha! Still do politicians have any morality at all? Would they sell their souls for power? Dirty Politics! So true!!!

India's worst habbit = Shahrukh Khan

Yes, I agree to Shahrukh's comments! True! Like an addict, I just couldn't stop myself from going to a cinema hall and watching the latest King Khan's movie "Om Shanti Om". True to his words, King Khan was hilarious, amazing and awesome! Nops not as an actor but as a super star. If I keep my brains apart, I had fantastic three hours in the theater.
The handicap movie part, Manoj Kr, Mind It, filmfare, Akshay Kumar scene... all were just too good. Kiron Kher and Shreyas Talpade were just right. Arjun Rampal looked so much like Prem Chopra and surely I was impressed by his villiany. Deepika surely look amazingly beautiful though her character after interval could have been better sketched. The chemistry between her and Shahrukh in first half was cool but in second half, I guess too many things were happening for even the director to notice the lack of chemistry.
If I use even some of my brains, the movie was mindless, illogical and worse characterization especially in second half where it seemed scenes patched up like torn jeans! So I guess, exactly like Ms Farah Khan's "Main Hoon Na", I felt the Khan superstar-dom made people cast a blind eye to innumerable flaws in the movie. If ever Farah makes a movie without King Khan, I'd avoid it but I guess my habit will kick in to watch if it includes King Khan :) :D I think Farah has excellent sense of story ideas, to some extend screen play too but she is still a novice in terms of developing characters and putting finesses to the end product. In order to accommodate numerous spoofs and still keep a tight plot, some aspects fell through; but I guess she is on to her second movie, I guess we can pardon her especially keeping in mind the wholesome entertainment she gave us.

My recommendation is watch it, if you can spare a bit of money for time pass evening!

Jodha Akhbar

Here is the first theatrical trailer of the Gowriker's magnum opus "Jodha Akhbar". I really liked it and I think it will be one movie worth watching. Hrithik seems a revelation in the trailer, I never thought he will be pull off a strong character like Akhbar the great! Oh well, yes, there is no way one can think of Akhbar without thinking about the great Prithvi Raj Kapoor! I must say Hrithik doesn't disappoint, rather, I am looking forward to the movie.
Ash has not been in my good books ever though I have liked her character potrayal in Khakee and Dhoom. Ethereal beauty, can she ever bring out soul of a character? I guess not! I wish I could compare her with lovely Madhubala of yester years but somehow something seems amiss always.. or maybe I'm purely prejudiced :) ?

Sinking Currency, Sinking Country???;_ylt=Amu5Uq4J9_bv5dJM0.aU84wDW7oF

By Pat Buchanan

Well, some interesting points from the article are:

The euro, worth 83 cents in the early George W. Bush years, is at $1.45.
The British pound is back up over $2, the highest level since the Carter era.
The Canadian dollar, which used to be worth 65 cents, is worth more than the U.S. dollar for the first time in half a century.
The dollar is plunging because America has been living beyond her means, borrowing $2 billion a day from foreign nations to maintain her standard of living and to sustain the American Imperium.
The prime suspect in the death of the dollar is the massive trade deficits America has run up, some $5 trillion in total since the passage of NAFTA and the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1994.
The chickens of free trade are coming home to roost.

Some observations which I made on my own are: For TCS about 52% of revenue came from US, Infosys and Wipro about 63% and Satyam closer to 66% but what I notice is that number has been reducing over period of time