Asian Woman day out!

Everyone likes to be pampered every once in a while. One transforms into a child like state when our loved ones shower us with pampering. Well, now that I have no family living with me, I decided to pamper myself with a whole day spent in a spa. Also that the "pamper" really is felt I chose - Maharani for the Day package to indulge and be pampered like Royalty.
I entered a candle-lit room filled with aromas from exotic essential oils, surrounded by plants and sounds of trickling water, you are one with nature. The massage with a secret combination of herbs such as jamu together with hot compressors will lull you to deep sleep. This was followed by Hot Stone Therapy. Relax and unwind as dark smooth stones glide on your body. A combination with Swedish Massage with aroma oils and the heated stones is deeply soothing and relaxing. The stones are left at specific points of the body that stimulates a flow of energy that is relaxing and therapeutic. This was followed with an aroma bath of milk, exotic flowers and secret oils that make your skin supple and smooth as silk.
It didn't end there, After a nice hot lunch of nice north Indian cuisine; You walk along a pebble strewn path surrounded by plants and water features and climb wooden steps to your private hut. The Spa Therapists thoroughly cleanse, groom and restore the condition of your hands and feet. Relax while you soak those precious peds in the warm bath strewn with rose petals and essential aromatherapy oils. Skin is softened with a secret scrub, exfoliation and mask. The pedicures also include a heavenly lower leg massage with foot reflexology and acupressure.
Pamper those lovely hands as they soak cuticles in special lotions for maximum hydration and softness. It also includes a scrub mask to gently ex-foliate the hands and arms with pure essential aromatherapy oils, followed by a deep relaxing hand and arm massage, shaping of the cuticles and nails and finally, the polish of my choice.
Asian Woman Spa


Oh well, I guess every one knows by now that I am a movie buff! I think its great that Moser Baer is making VCD/DVDs affordable at less than fifty rupees.
I recently bought a special set of six movies of one of India's greatest directors Guru Dutt. My dad, also a Guru Dutt fan, and I sat and watch all these movies over the weekend.

Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila
Humne To Jab Kaliyaan Maangi Kaaton Ka Haar Mila

Bichhad Gayaa Har Saathi Dekar Pal Do Pal Ka Saath
Kisko Phursat Hai Jo Thaame Deewane Ka Haath
Humko Apna Saaya Tak Aqsar Bezaar Mila
Humne To Jab...

Isko Hi Jeena Kehte Hain To Yunhi Ji Lenge
Uf Na Karenge Lab See Lenge Aansoo Pee Lenge
Gham Se Ab Ghabraana Kaisa Gham Sau Baar Mila
Humne To Jab...