Public video Surveillance?

Is the solution for terrorist activities much more active Public video Surveillance?

Arguments for using video surveillance to ensure public safety
* Increased safety -- The presence of video surveillance cameras can have a positive effect on increasing public safety. Active surveillance systems that are monitored routinely on a real-time basis provide the advantage of being able to detect suspicious activity. Early detection can lead to crime prevention.
* Crime deterrent -- The mere presence of video surveillance cameras can act as a powerful crime deterrent. Individuals are less likely to commit a crime if they suspect that they are being monitored. Several conditions do have to be met though in order for a surveillance system to be a successful crime deterrent. Cameras have to be visible to the perpetrator and cameras have to be routinely monitored so that any suspicions activity is immediately dealt with.
* Provides evidence for investigations -- Evidence that has been obtained from video gathered from video surveillance cameras has proved invaluable in some police investigations. The ability to review captured video images has aided many investigations by providing clear details of what actually took place.

Arguments against using video surveillance to ensure public safety
* Invasion of privacy -- The general rule of thumb is that any video monitoring activity that takes place anywhere that the public has access to does not constitute an invasion of privacy. However, it is not always so cut and dry. Some have argued that the use of covert cameras is an invasion of privacy since the cameras cannot be detected. Many worry that there really is no way to prevent the unlawful use of video surveillance because cameras are so easily attainable and technologically advanced.
* Miss-use of images -- Another argument against the use of public surveillance is the potential misuse of captured images. Captured images should never be released to the public. The only time captured images should ever be released is if they are needed to aid in a police investigation. Problems can arise however when private companies for example are hired to monitor and review surveillance video tapes.

Some real advantages can be gained through the proper use of public surveillance. If implemented properly, surveillance can be very effective. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to protect against all potential misuses of video surveillance. However, there are measures you can put in place to protect yourself against any potential invasion of privacy claims.

If you are using video surveillance on your premises, make sure you post signs clearly informing the public of the fact there are video cameras present. It is also important to provide contact information so further information can be requested. Another important step is to distribute your security policies and procedures to all of your employees. This will go along way towards protecting you against any potential invasion of privacy claims.

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चार दिन की ज़िन्दगी

chaar din ki zindagi hai, ja rahein hain din
do gaye tere milane se pehle, do gaye tere bin

Absolutely loved the song; A rarity, Yesudas and Bappi Lahiri
I searched high and low for lyrics but couldn't find. Please post if some one has complete

Update: My blogger friend Juneli ( ) Sent me the lyrics :) Well the way she writes all the 'dard' bhare nagme I should have asked her :) :D before posting this request! Thanks Juneli.

chaar din ki zindagi hai, ja rahein hain din
do gaye tere milane se pehle, do gaye tere bin
priye kab milan hoga, priye kab milan hoga

tum kahin kho jaogi jaan main pata agar
ban ke humraahi tera sang hi karta safar
yeh safar pura nahin hoga tumhare bin
do gaye tere milane se pehle, do gaye tere bin
priye kab milan hoga, priye kab milan hoga

yaad ke tute mehal, kab tera mandir bana
deep jalte rahe gaye, chhup gayee murat kahaN
yeh diye vishwas ke, bujh jaye na ek din
do gaye tere milane se pehle, do gaye tere bin
priye kab milan hoga, priye kab milan hoga


I might win, I might lose but as long as I keep trying, I am NOT a failure!
Success might allude you but that does not make you a failure TILL you don't get up to fight ...
Fight on!!!

Shakti aur Kshama (Strength and Mercy)

Poet: Ramdhari Singh "Dinkar"

Kshama, daya, tap, tyaag, manobal
Sabka liya sahara
Par nar vyagh Suyodhan tumse
Kaho kahan kab haara?

Mercy, resolve, tact, tolerance
You've tried everything and some
But o my king of men
When did Suyodhan [ other name for Duryodhan ] succumb?

Kshamasheel ho rrpu-saksham
Tum huye vineet jitna hi
Dusht Kauravon ne tumko
Kaayar samjha utna hi

The more forgiving you were
In your humane compassion
The more these rouge Kauravas
Pegged you as cowardly ashen

Atyachar sahan karne ka
Kufal yahi hota hai
Paurush ka aatank manuj
Komal hokar khota hai

This is the consequence
Of tolerating atrocities
The awe of machismo is lost
When one's gentle n kindly

Kshama shobhti us bhujang ko
Jiske paas garal hai
Uska kya jo dantheen
Vishrahit vineet saral hai

Forgiveness is becoming of
The serpent that's got venom
None cares for the toothless,
Poisonless, kind, gentle one

Teen divas tak panth mangte
Raghupati sindhu kinare
Baithey padhtey rahey chhand
Anunay ke pyaare pyaare

For three days Lord Raam kept
Asking the ocean for a passage
Sitting there he petitioned
Using the sweetest words to engage

Uttar mein jab ek naad bhi
Utha nahi saagar se
Uthi adheer dhadhak paurush ki
Aag raam ke shar se

When in response there was
Not a whisper from the sea
A raging fire of endeavor
Rose from Raam's body

Sindhu deh dhar trahi-trahi
Karta aa gira sharan mein
Charan pooj daasta grrhan ki
Bandha moodh bandhan mein

The ocean took human-form
'N supplicated to Raam
Touched his feet, was subservient
A slave he had become

Sach poochho to shar mein hi
Basti hai deepti vinay ki
Sandhivachan sampoojya usika
Jisme shakti vijay ki

Truth be told, it's in the quiver
That lies the gleam of modesty
Only his peace-talk is reputable
Who is capable of victory

Sahansheelta, kshama, daya ko
Tabhi poojta jag hai
Bal ka darp chamakta uskey
Peechhey jab jagmag hai

Tolerance, forgiveness and clemency
Are respected by the world
Only when the glow of strength
From behind it is unfurled