Jinnah Advani Jaswant Thackeray !

For once I agree with old man Thackeray!
"Advani termed Jinnah secular. If Jinnah was secular, then why did Advani leave Sindh province in Pakistan and come to India? How can a person who demanded a separate state for Muslims be termed secular? Calling Jinnah secular is an insult to all those who shed their blood for India's independence. It is due to this ideological confusion that Hindus became frustrated and directionless and the impact was seen in the Lok Sabha elections," he said.
Thackeray said he could not understand why BJP leaders, who call themselves staunch nationalists, slip time and again."It seems there is a competition in BJP of showering flowers on Jinnah," he added.

US needs to offer little more warmth: SRK


I agree with Shahrukh Khan. A lot of people have pointed fingers back at Shahrukh and India's VIP culture etc. My simple question to them is that what is the need to question a person for more than an hour over and above the immigration official? Let alone for a well known and VIP like Shahrukh. VIP culture or not, in India too, if a person is take away from immigration area for some kind of questioning, it is only in case there is some kind of legal issue involved. A normal visitor to the country won't be taken away for more than an hour questioning as a "business as usual".

I also refuse to believe the usual questioning and 'no one is above the law' story being circulated. Not that I know Shahrukh Khan personally but over period of time his conduct in public has demonstrated him to be a person of reason. His calm in difficult situations is quite known in media. I do not think his feathers have got ruffled just by routine questioning. There must be more than what is in public domain, what happened in those 66minutes US officials claim, it took to release Khan! What ever information I have about US officials, I won't be surprised if they had indeed grilled Khan on his name or religion.

US is long known for having dual standards, the Guantanamo bay prison stands mute testimony. Whatever truth has trickled out that forsaken place, its like thousand times worse than any Indian lockup or prison. Shame of them! Really!

Why people lie

It was strange that last Friday I came across two instances of lies from people I would not have expected to lie. It was strange because I felt there was not a compelling reason to lie but they still did. That set me thinking. Maybe I also lie. Is there a way out?

This article summarizes the reasons to be Greed, Fear, Acceptance, Habit.

This is an interesting article which not only desiccates the reason but also gives us alternative to lies. Good one. Check one of them below:
Lying to Be Nice
What it sounds like: “That dress looks fantastic on you.” “This is the best meat loaf I’ve ever tasted.”

Why people do it: In some cases, the little white lie is altruistic, says Smith, but when used excessively, it can make interactions with people less authentic. At its worst, others may feel that a person isn’t being genuine or trustworthy.

How you can avoid it:

* Walk in the other person’s shoes. People often underestimate the information that others can tolerate and even benefit from, particularly when the words are said out of friendship, says Weiner. For example, you would generally want someone to mention it if you had a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth, if your blouse had a stain, or if your pot roast could use a pinch of salt.
* Tone it down. If you feel that a certain amount of truth stretching is a vital social lubricant, the best thing to do is to avoid gushing. “That’s a great color on you” is a lot more plausible than “That’s the most stunning sweater I have ever seen in my entire life.”
* Track it. Keeping a tally of the tales you tell for a day or a week can help you distinguish between the instances where being truthful matters and where it doesn’t. Maybe you didn’t need to tell the supermarket checkout gal that you loved her (hideous) earrings. But it made you feel better to say it, plus you got a pleasant reaction from her. Most experts say there’s no huge harm in that.