Action and not words!

Well, after 26/11 terror attack we saw many states and center too talk about many many measures which they plan to take. There has been talks of Police reforms, National Investigative Agency, NSG in all four metropolis, special law against terrorism... blah blah blah !!

Check out
"Railway Ministry has allocated Rs 60.76 crores for procurement of modern security related equipment to be used by RPF. Besides AK-47, the railways will also procure modern security gadgets, such as INSAS 5.56 mm rifles, SLR 7.62 mm, carbine 9 mm and auto 9 mm pistol.
"A training exercise is being carried out in Bahadurgarh for the RPF men to handle these latest weapons. The training module has been prepared keeping the changed security scenario in mind," said the official. "

I like Laloo's rustic intelligence; He is not just talking but reform is happening right now! Budget allocated for weapons, training is already on the way!

I like it.

Satyam calls off Maytas deal on -ve mkt reaction

Well, one interesting report which points to a 'system' working! At the same time I just cannot understand how Mr Raju thought he could get away with robbing his flagship company to feed his sons companies! Ooops I am wrong; a public limited company is NOT Mr Raju's company; He just happens to be its Chairman! The cash in company is NOT his to give away to his relatives!

More than anything I am happy to know that system was in place and it worked and the deal had to be called off; more so it would not have gone through any ways. Now they are also under scrutiny of the Ministry of Company affairs for probably violation of Company Act. The Institutional investors may also push for change in company's board too.


Four statements on Mumbai terror strike

Its actually very interesting how SAME incident has so many viewpoints!!!!!

Well First I found Ajmal Kasab's statement supposedly in verbatim to police
Interesting aspects are they were looking for some building with roof top! they never knew Cama hospital was a hospital and they killed three TOP Mumbai police officials !! Also somethings I read for first time that he was already injured before he was apprehended by police at girgaum & they had never been to Mumbai but were shown pictures maps etc! Another point a bit wierd is that he thought the skoda car had three ladies whom they asked to vacate and took over! Whereas in media there is guy who was telling the story of he and his friends (he didn't say friends were guys or girls) were asked to step out of the car and terrorist drove off! Well, somewhere in media also there was a mention that these terrorist were high on drugs to make them aggressive and awake through days and nights! In his statement seems to be the typical brainwashed dumb youth sent on terror highway!

Second is Lashkar chief Hafeez Saeed, he is completely on his own trip! He completely denies LeT or Jamaat ud-Dawa having anything to do with the attack!
"It is India's habit to name Pakistan," Saeed said. "Before they took ISI's name, now they take Jamaat-ud-Dawa's name." I found above quite amusing! Is there something wrong with pointing fingers at two groups? Thats exactly India saying these "state" and "state-less" actors are all working together! Well, of course, he is clever as a fox to accept any charge what so ever.
"Saeed, whose face was shielded by group of men who surrounded him during the news conference, " <-- What is the point of shielding his face!? Was it really him or some body double?!
"It is not enough for us to protect the people ... we should go one step beyond. People who have done this should understand very clearly ... not only do we hold lives of our people highly, but there is also a cost to killing innocent Indians," Gandhi said. <-- I like that
Speaking out against politicisation of police forces, he said: “As a young politician I would like to say that in the interest of the country we must desist from it. Also, that in the interest of common people we must stop interfering in the working of these institutions.” <-- Finally one politician said it! In fact I saw in TV news that he said too much focus is on VIP security! <-- finally one politician has EARS!!

Shri Advani, I guess he is now over with elections, campaign and its results too; He has focused on issue on hand. Finally he stood with the government as one reply to terror. Much needed act.
In his speech, which at times saw ruling coalition members joining those in the opposition in thumping desks, Advani described the current action against some of the terror outfits in Pakistan as a "drama" and "show" and asked the Indian government not to be "fooled" by such acts. <-- Good Point!

A begining

News reports say 'Operation against LeT-Dawa launched in AJK'
One official told The Times that among those arrested was Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, an LeT activist whom Indian officials have accused of masterminding the Mumbai attack.
I welcome this step. I do not have any idea if indeed the right people have been arrested or this is an eyewash; but still it is indeed a beginning. Pakistan till now has been blindfolded, probably now they have opened their eyes wide and are looking at the ground reality. I support this, I cheer them to do more, to snub the terror in its roots.

PS: Amit raised an interesting and quite obvious point in his comments to my earlier posting. He asked what is the logic behind being compassionate to the lone terrorist caught by Mumbai Police. Well, I agree there is no reason we should show any sympathy or compassion other than humanity. My point is supported by a woman who lost her husband and daughter to this terror attack who gave a statement, forgiving the terrorists!
"We must send them our love, forgiveness and compassion," Kia Scherr told reporters Tuesday of the Mumbai attackers, nine of whom were killed by Indian forces. "As Jesus Christ said long ago, they know not what they do. They are in ignorance, and they are completely shrouded and clouded by fear, and we must show that love is possible and love overpowers fear. So that's my choice." Alan Scherr, 58, and Naomi Scherr, 13, were among 25 people who had traveled to India for a meditation retreat with Virginia-based spiritual group Synchronicity Foundation, to which the Scherrs belonged.
Very magnimous of Kia and I agree with her. Love, forgiveness and compassion separate us from these terror gunmen! That does not mean I am asking for them to be let loose. Only let the law take it course and let us not fill our own hearts with hatred but compassion for these people who have lost their way.

Human face of terror

I came across this news item where a reporter actually visited the village of in Faridkot near Depalpur, Pakistan. Still need to verify the validity of this article but the article does show us another side to the whole story
But village mayor, Ghulam Mustafa Wattoo, confirmed that a man named Ameer lives in Faridkot, with a son named Ajmal. But he said Ameer claimed his son was not the man captured by Indian authorities. But everything in the village fit the details leaked from the Indian police interrogation of Ajmal. Indian police identified the father as Mohammad Ameer, who earns a meager living selling home-made snacks from a mobile cart, and his wife as Noor. At the tiny family house, located on a narrow street deep inside Faridkot, the McClatlchy reporter on a second visit Friday noted a mobile food cart lying in the courtyard. Ameer, 44 and his wife, Noor, 47, were nowhere to be found. According to several villagers, who asked not to be named for their own security, "a bearded mullah" took them away during the night, likely, they thought, to be a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Islamic extremist group accusing of being behind the Mumbai attack.

When I read this bit from the report, my heart went out to the family including the dreaded terrorist. It was easier when terrorist is just another faceless demon whom we all hate and see as the enemy which has to killed at any cost. After I read all this I feel incredibly sadder; likely the enemy is not what we see or someone to whom the facts point to! I know many many people will laugh and say we should not be weakened by emotions; but it does, I begin to empathize. Think if this family was not so poor and this person was educated and had better means in life, how much is the chances that he would have chosen the path which he chose? Well, there is another aspect about highly learned people joining wrongful cause but then its an informed decision and surely I would react completely differently. When I dig deeper, I find no country no religion no clan at fault. The fault is so human, its the feeling of hatred which is getting propagated for years, decades and even centuries!

Yes, in a very philosophical way I will say, Enemy is indeed the hatred which people feel and the only antidote is love. There has to be a way by which we can all come together and say forgive and forget the past, lets start a new chapter now.

Pure Thirst

I read this Persian saying in Amrita Pritam's 'Seedhi ticket'; thought about it and was really blown away by depth of it.

In desert we sometimes mistake shining sand as water and are fooled, pained and confused by this. The learned and wise are not mistaken and they understand the difference. I say, they don't lack in learning and wisdom but they be lacking in their thirst that is why they do not mistake sand for water; I must be lacking in learning and wisdom and must be a fool but nothing lacks in my thirst!

Deep, isn't it? :-) :D

Go India Go !

The citizens rally in front of gateway of India. By nightfall more than hundred thousand people had joined the rally. Similar rallies happened in many cities across the nation.
I am praying that this turns into a revolution of a kind and brings about much pending change in our country.