Five point someone

Finally, I read the whole book in one sitting yesterday late into the night, in less than four hours. Not that the book was un-put-downable or anything of that sorts but the story was engaging and with impending start of the week, I did not want to put it off for another day.
I like Chetan Bhagat's style of writing. Storyline was indeed much better than his latter novel 'one night at call center' which I found quite boring.
Hhhmm not sure if I want to write a whole review of the book but I'd say I did like the book immensely. I was able to relate to it since I am from Delhi and the context of Uninspiring teaching and numerous assignments is not just IIT but nearly every other college in the country. I related to the book especially for the fact that I also slipped in my first year of college and was never able to get back into the right mode till near end of the college. Luckily for me the 'professional' education started after my college. With my senses in place and directions, I did make a decent career in my life. Learning I'd like to share with the world, yes, it does not matter whether you are at top of your class or at the bottom; find the things which drive your interest and passion, put in your best and leave the rest to this person above in the clouds somewhere! :) :D
Now that I have read this book, I am looking forward to the movie 'Three Idiots' starring Aamir, Madhavan, Sharman and Kareena.

Wake Up Sid

I watched this refreshing movie yesterday. Well, I was pretty impressed with the music and the rushes of the movie and found its having a preview show Thursday night itself in not-too-far-from-home theater. A friend was a willing accomplice and we got the tickets too.
I went to the movie not expecting too much since I read that Ayaan Mukherjee, all of some 26yrs odd, is first time director, instead went in with a dread of clinche' scenes knowing that Konkana's character is supposed to be older than Ranbir's Sid who is supposedly just out of college.
I guess having good music and songs in the movie surely helps giving positivity to the movie audience. The movie did start with quite obvious scenes and scenario nearly till the interval but strangely I warmed up to the characters including Sid and Ayesha the leads. The treatment to the oft-repeated scenes had immense freshness which transported one to one's own college days. The funny characters were not caricatures instead quite believable. No over the top situations, very believable scenarios. In fact, I very much identified to Ayesha's character of young woman new to the city. I must say the opening scene was just way too awesome, I bet, each and every urban person would be able to relate to that scene. Sid is awake studying for his final accounting exam, drinks four cups of coffee, stay up till 3am but has not gone beyond one page of his book!!
I did read some reviews of the movie today and was in a way appalled how the reviews of quite well-known papers and tabaloids actually missed critical facts and made their own assumptions! On reviewer commented on how Ayesha who is new to the city can afford to rent an apartment when she does not even have a job yet. Actually this whole set of scenes were so awesome, Ayesha is scared out of her wits with a rat crawling on her in her room in the hostel, that is when she decides to rent out this studio apartment in a run down building in run down area. The place might have rented for about Rs.10-15k a month. The do-up wouldn't have been more than another Rs.15k. Well, she has come to another city from her home town, surely she must have had some savings and no where she is shown penniless! She ain't rich as Sid but not one who can't afford roof over her head. Also she isn't stupid to land up in a new city penniless! There are some scenes after her moving to apartment showing her getting things from the kabadi stores etc, one is so cute where she is bargaining for some silly chair and Sid offers the store owner her credit card !!! ha ha ha ha...
well well, not that I want to defend the movie but I realise that these film critics really have no clue what they write. There are some more reviews like that which have missed some specifics of the movie, which irked me! Pretty sickening! I am really beginning to see why the film makers hate the critics. Its indeed sacrilegious to run down someone's hard work of months or years with some loose and careless statements in reviews. Critics need to use their brains some more.
Well anyways, back to the movie. The second half is technically brilliant! The screenplay is too good for words. Surprisingly chemistry between Ranbir and Konkana is awesome. Some places I felt Ranbir was a bit over the board but on second thoughts I think that is what the Sid's character was, lazy, uncaring and arrogant. Thus actually a few scenes with his screen parents Anupam and Supriya Pathak are brilliant, Ranbir is so uncomfortably arrogant. Ayaan's direction stands out brilliantly.
A must watch movie, only for its light and fluffy 'coming of age' screenplay.