Amitabh Bachchan
We cannot all excel all the time; we cannot choose to direct all as we wish; we cannot but improve but by learning from experience…. collect yourself, dismiss the noise and bother of all other troubles in your life, give over your spirit to embrace your work. It is your best, most powerful and most enduring lover, your most devoted prayer to the Gods..
I was as usual browsing Mr Bachchan's blog and as usual was quite impressed by his writing skills. Today's post describes in details how goes time before a show. Makes a very interesting read. I am pasting the part text here. I guess with due credits its quite valid! I would like to document this in MY blog........... or maybe not :) ones who are interested can jump to this link here
But I can't help post here a part which absolutely touched my heart strings:

I work. I work for the love. I work for the affection. I work for the flying kisses. I work for the waving hands. The happy tears. The smiles and the exuberance. The squeals and screams of joy and happiness.
This is my stage. This is where I perform. This is where this mass of humanity has put me. I will give them all and more. And more. And more !!
This is my work, my most enduring lover. My most devoted prayer to the Gods !!
I hold nothing back. I cannot. In prayer or in love. I continue, trance like minute after minute after minute.
How the four hours pass is a mystery. The smiling faces and screams in the audience, the yelps of enthusiasm back stage.
And then just as suddenly as it started, it ends…..
I am back in the car. Quiet. Contemplative.
Thank you Lord for making me who I am and thank you Lord for giving me the Mother and Father you gave me !!
I sit silently on my bed.
And without asking or warning a tiny tear, slides down my cheek.
Ah ! the Lord heareth me !!
- Amitabh Bachchan

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