Unashamed greed!

Yes, strong words, I know but this is what comes to me every time I read news items like this.
These Wall St bosses took home over $1 bn!
In the midst of a financial turmoil that has raised questions, among other things, about fat executive pay packets, a media report listed out 12 top Wall Street bankers who collectively took home over $1 billion (yes, $1 billion!) in the past five years.
The total take-home pay of the 12 bankers, current and former chiefs of some of the biggest names in the US financial space, stands at $1.053.15 billion during 2003-07, as per data compiled by The New York Times.
Text: PTI, Agencies
Well, let the common man end up in streets, let old people's lifetime saving get wiped out, let parents savings for their child's education reduce to pittance; THE executives who are responsible for the blood bath in financial sector, unashamedly rake in tons of money!
Kali kaal :) I guess!


Colors said...

They say the top 20 CEOs had a salary of US$36.4 mil average in 2006!!
And did you hear the most recent outrageous news?? Right after the Govt bailed out AIG with US$86 billion, they spent about US$400,000 in resort and spa luxury for their top execs!!!
Another news is that Lehman Bros gave nearly $20 million in payments for two departing executives about a week before the bankruptcy!!!
All these Wall street execs should be prosecuted!

Ricky said...

Welcome to the Real World !!