Four statements on Mumbai terror strike

Its actually very interesting how SAME incident has so many viewpoints!!!!!

Well First I found Ajmal Kasab's statement supposedly in verbatim to police
Interesting aspects are they were looking for some building with roof top! they never knew Cama hospital was a hospital and they killed three TOP Mumbai police officials !! Also somethings I read for first time that he was already injured before he was apprehended by police at girgaum & they had never been to Mumbai but were shown pictures maps etc! Another point a bit wierd is that he thought the skoda car had three ladies whom they asked to vacate and took over! Whereas in media there is guy who was telling the story of he and his friends (he didn't say friends were guys or girls) were asked to step out of the car and terrorist drove off! Well, somewhere in media also there was a mention that these terrorist were high on drugs to make them aggressive and awake through days and nights! In his statement seems to be the typical brainwashed dumb youth sent on terror highway!

Second is Lashkar chief Hafeez Saeed, he is completely on his own trip! He completely denies LeT or Jamaat ud-Dawa having anything to do with the attack!
"It is India's habit to name Pakistan," Saeed said. "Before they took ISI's name, now they take Jamaat-ud-Dawa's name." I found above quite amusing! Is there something wrong with pointing fingers at two groups? Thats exactly India saying these "state" and "state-less" actors are all working together! Well, of course, he is clever as a fox to accept any charge what so ever.
"Saeed, whose face was shielded by group of men who surrounded him during the news conference, " <-- What is the point of shielding his face!? Was it really him or some body double?!
"It is not enough for us to protect the people ... we should go one step beyond. People who have done this should understand very clearly ... not only do we hold lives of our people highly, but there is also a cost to killing innocent Indians," Gandhi said. <-- I like that
Speaking out against politicisation of police forces, he said: “As a young politician I would like to say that in the interest of the country we must desist from it. Also, that in the interest of common people we must stop interfering in the working of these institutions.” <-- Finally one politician said it! In fact I saw in TV news that he said too much focus is on VIP security! <-- finally one politician has EARS!!

Shri Advani, I guess he is now over with elections, campaign and its results too; He has focused on issue on hand. Finally he stood with the government as one reply to terror. Much needed act.
In his speech, which at times saw ruling coalition members joining those in the opposition in thumping desks, Advani described the current action against some of the terror outfits in Pakistan as a "drama" and "show" and asked the Indian government not to be "fooled" by such acts. <-- Good Point!

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Ricky said...

Every story has two sides no doubt and it depends on perceptions which are influenced by the media.