Mangalore incident is Talibanisation of India: Renuka
I am outraged at this incident of women being assaulted by set of hooligans who claim to be the 'moral police' in name of 'Sri Ram Sena'. The gist of my outrage has already been said by Renuka Chouwdhary, Union Minister of India for Child and Women welfare.
Down with these Indian version of 'Talibans'. Go and join your like-mind in FATA and excuse us from your perverted thinking.


Anonymous said...

Yes this is outrageous! :O

dipta said...

In a country which prides itself as the largest Democracy in the world, the whole incident is preposterous!

Twisted Elegance.... said...
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Twisted Elegance.... said...

I guess we must call them 'immoral police'


But all those things happening in these pubs aren't right either