Happy days are here again?

For the first time after a very long time, we have an alliance which is going to form a government with near simple majority! Just this one fact brings so much peace, joy and stability to the country. Even without a political bias, only this fact is sufficient to bring peace to our minds. Now the government can actually govern!
Well, I, personally, am extremely happy for our Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh for having won himself this mandate. Additionally, I am indeed quite against the non-secular, divisive and anti-development parties and their immense losses makes me more joyous!
Though my heart bleeds for the extreme humanitarian crisis Tamils in Sri Lanka are going through especially the ones around the war zone, yet, there is light at end of the tunnel and rainbow is beginning to shine with end of the meaningless war which I blame on the extremist factors which have now been wiped out. Peace and hope prevails now.
Human life in its bondage to the world is highly motivated by money. The joy in our country is reflecting quite positively in the stock exchange. The trading on the BSE and NSE has been halted for the full day as the markets hit the 20 per cent circuit breaker again after it reopened at 11:55 am.

Well clouds of perceived doom seems to have blown away and I see rising sun of hope and peace.
God bless my country! :-)

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