Does rain makes everyone happy? I mean just the rain pouring down not the after affects like flooding or road getting water logged etc. Somehow the rain always makes me happy especially one really pouring down hard. I guess water being the life giver has that psychological affect. Maybe Gods up there want to wash out all your pain and thus pouring down their love for you, maybe :)

Well I found this on internet on this blog called 'Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi...' Not that I read this blog but I felt the photo was striking, caught the mood perfectly.

Also [one of ] ma fav movie 'Shor' has a rain song .. Paani re paani... check this out on youtube, quite watchable and as usual unusual cinematography as in 'Shor' songs, whatever the jokes maybe on Manoj Kr but India's real color comes out in his movies.
Incidentally I am right now sitting and watching a movie called '13th Floor', Sandhya Mridul and Purab Kohli, interesting movie.

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Ricky said...

I love rains except when I have to go out but having lived on an island I got quite used to it :-)

Nice shot.