Five point someone

Finally, I read the whole book in one sitting yesterday late into the night, in less than four hours. Not that the book was un-put-downable or anything of that sorts but the story was engaging and with impending start of the week, I did not want to put it off for another day.
I like Chetan Bhagat's style of writing. Storyline was indeed much better than his latter novel 'one night at call center' which I found quite boring.
Hhhmm not sure if I want to write a whole review of the book but I'd say I did like the book immensely. I was able to relate to it since I am from Delhi and the context of Uninspiring teaching and numerous assignments is not just IIT but nearly every other college in the country. I related to the book especially for the fact that I also slipped in my first year of college and was never able to get back into the right mode till near end of the college. Luckily for me the 'professional' education started after my college. With my senses in place and directions, I did make a decent career in my life. Learning I'd like to share with the world, yes, it does not matter whether you are at top of your class or at the bottom; find the things which drive your interest and passion, put in your best and leave the rest to this person above in the clouds somewhere! :) :D
Now that I have read this book, I am looking forward to the movie 'Three Idiots' starring Aamir, Madhavan, Sharman and Kareena.

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