Jodha Akhbar

Here is the first theatrical trailer of the Gowriker's magnum opus "Jodha Akhbar". I really liked it and I think it will be one movie worth watching. Hrithik seems a revelation in the trailer, I never thought he will be pull off a strong character like Akhbar the great! Oh well, yes, there is no way one can think of Akhbar without thinking about the great Prithvi Raj Kapoor! I must say Hrithik doesn't disappoint, rather, I am looking forward to the movie.
Ash has not been in my good books ever though I have liked her character potrayal in Khakee and Dhoom. Ethereal beauty, can she ever bring out soul of a character? I guess not! I wish I could compare her with lovely Madhubala of yester years but somehow something seems amiss always.. or maybe I'm purely prejudiced :) ?


anks said...

in case of ash? no absolutely not!!!

she can't act :)

Ricky said...

I like the background music in the trailer but am not sure if Hritik is the right choice for Akbar. Akbar was an imposing figure and the image of Prithivi Raj Kapoor is hard to follow up for anyone. I will be very interested in watching Hritik and how he carries of the role.

Ash and Madhubala can be never be compared. Ash looks fake while the Madhubala was the symbol of purity.

I like Ashutosh's movies and this is certainly his most ambitious project. Let's hope he doesn't disappoint.

The Bhandari's said...

I agree with anks :)although trailer looks great.. awesome