Yeddyurappa Govt. resigns

19/11/2007 Bangalore (PTI): Barely a week after its formation, the first-ever BJP government in South collapsed in Karnataka today after its ally JD(S) decided to vote against the confidence motion in the state assembly.

Oh well! I can only be clutching my stomach and laughing! What was Shri Yeddyrappa thinking!!! Also in the same vein I wonder what is wrong with esteemed ex-Prime Minister of India, Shri Deve Gowda!! Has he lost his marbles? Or maybe not!! JD(S) nothing to lose at all. Either ways their party wins, whether they make coalition with BJP or with Congress; and finally if as a last resort elections are called for, they go to polls blaming both BJP and Congress for NOT "respecting" democracy!

Ha ha ha ha! Still do politicians have any morality at all? Would they sell their souls for power? Dirty Politics! So true!!!

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Ricky said...

Bangalore politics is going crazy it seems. I don't think it will be easy for BJP to rule in South India. It shows how politicians can do anything for power and for them getting that power is more important than doing anything good with it.