Chak de India!!

I absolutely love this!
New Delhi: The new Rao Tularam Marg-Palam flyover has been ready for almost two weeks now, but till Monday, it was not open to the public. Traffic jams, chaos on the streets and heartburn for the common man meant nothing to the authorities and the construction company heads, who were not willing to open the flyover for public use till a VIP came to inaugurate it.
However, that was till Monday evening — till people's patience wore thin and they decided to take matters in their own hands.
Taking the initiative, a crowd of over 100 people got together, chanted shlokas, performed a small puja, broke coconuts and cut a ribbon, inaugurating the flyover for their own use. People said that they had been tired of the congestion that was being caused simply because the flyover was not being open for public use — the people for whom it was actually made.
A similar inicident had taken place in Goa in 1983, when super cop Kiran Bedi had insisted that the Zuari bridge — which was to be inaugurated by then prime minister Indira Gandhi — be opened for public use, to ease the congestion. She took the step after Indira Gandhi cancelled her visit to open the bridge four times.
The Rao Tularam Marg-Palam flyover has three toll plazas and Delhi residents going to the international airport will have to pay Rs 11 per trip; they won’t have to pay while coming back. People going via Vasant Kunj and Mahipalpur village will not have to pass through any toll plaza. Daily commuters to Gurgaon will be charged less than the occasional commuter, who will have to pay Rs 16 per trip.

Truely, Chak de India! I congratulate the group of people who took this initiative and made this happen.

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amit said...

बहुत बढ़िया। इन मूर्ख नौकरशाहों को यह समझ नहीं आता कि एक व्यक्ति के लिए दुनिया नहीं रूकती। कोई विशिष्ट व्यक्ति यदि उद्‌घाटन कर देता तो क्या बहुत बड़ा कार्य हो जाता और यदि उसके द्वारा न हुआ तो क्या पुल ढह जाएगा!!