Monkey Business

oh well, this Seymonds-Bhajji row is turning completely into monkey business! Esteemed cricketers fighting like small children! Worst is finger pointing and counter-pointing is just not stopping! Now Ponting is showing his displeasure in media about Hansen's ruling!
Any ways my two cents in terms of couple of questions
1. When it was Seymonds who instigated Bhajji by abusing him first, why no punishment for him?
2. I do stand behind Gavaskar's question - How can Proctor decide not to believe Tendulkar that Bhajji has abused Seymonds in Punjabi and rather took Seymonds words?
3. I am actually disappointed in Ponting, his own player can abuse others but vice-versa is not acceptable?!!

well thats that :) I am happy that last test was drawn and Australia 'won' series by only one match and we all know who was the man of the match for that test! :)

Anyways .. Chak de India.. bash 'em up in one day and 20-20!

PS: Buddy is doing quite fine. He has adjusted well to home and I am still getting used to a baby in my hands! :) He is snoozing ON my feet while I type this in! I forgot to mention this in my last post, Buddy is a Saint Bernard.

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Anonymous said...

hi moonie

So you finally got a "baby" !!

Hope to talk to you over the weekend.