All of India is mine!

Yes, Mr Raj Thackeray, you are highly mistaken and also just shrugging off that your party members are not responsible for deaths in Nasik does not resolve you of the responsibility you hold as a leader of a party which you incited into mob violence! You indeed did incite hatred between communities which were living quite peacefully.
Yes, you can keep harping about protecting Marathi manush rights but I stand for only rights of an Indian. I also have complete right to speak which ever language I feel comfortable in and find viable to communicate even if it is not the local language. Your Marathi manush has all the rights to go to any part of India and find employment too. Yes he can keep speaking in Marathi if he so wishes and is able to get his thoughts across!
Its so obvious that Mr Raj and like-minds are only doing this to gain political mileage. A case so similar to BJP's agitation at price rise of petrol and diesel; gasoline is hitting $100/barrel in international markets but BJP is against the raise in prices by Rs.2! This is called as playing with people's sentiments and gaining political mileage!
Mr Raj Thackerey chooses to close his eyes on the development of infrastructure, well being of the country as whole and inevitable movement of people across states in search of employment. Haven't lakhs of people moved from all parts of country to cities which are IT/ITES centers? That also includes the 'Marathi manush'!
I am not really for suppressing the local culture especially since thats what makes our country so colorfully diverse and vibrant; but one cannot suppress development and change! Due to the winds of change some local flavors are surely going to get mixed up with other prevalent cultures. We should be ready to accept these changes too! Gol-gappas will be called pani-puris and Aloo-tikki will renamed batata-vada etc.
I really do wish Mr Raj Thackerey reads this and it drives some sense into his brains. I would repeat my demand for apology from Mr Raj Thackerey to not just people of India but also poor migrant workers in Maharastra from whom Mr Raj Thackeray's party stole bread and water since they had to leave their only livelihood and go back to their villages in hope that things would settle down and they could come back to their jobs and give their families a better living.

Are you listening Mr Thackerey? kaay vichaar kara? ei changala nahi! :-) :D

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