A Safer India

I guess, this is what Mrs Kiran Bedi is upto after resigning from her job at Indian Police Service! Check out this website http://www.saferindia.com

This is a site of an NGO started by Ms Kiran Bedi you can go to this site an log your complaint regarding any crime if the police at your place is not accepting your complaint. Then this NGO will mail your complaint to the DGP of your area. You can also use this mail as the legal document in case of filing a case in the court of judgment.
This is to be noted that this site is directly administered by Ms Kiran Bedi so all your mails directly goes to her .

Friends spread this information in your network so that any one in such need can go to this site and launch his/her complaint.

PS: I was sort of disappointed though to see the website pop many errors; I hope they work on it and iron out the issues ASAP.
Update: I sent SaferIndia.com a feedback about broken links and lo behold! I got a reply from none other than Mrs Bedi herself!!! Wow! Well, Yes, the links have been fixed and the site is up and running without any errors.

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Ricky said...

That's a very nice effort. Also, good to see a response from Kiran Bedi after you found the bugs. Good one!!