TV usually drones in the background, sometime playing cricket, other times bringing breaking news and most times plain singing music. I've never been a fan of the idiot box but I do love watching bollywood movies on it. Occasionally some interesting serials come up like Tu Tu Mein Mein, Office Office which has caught my attention and earlier I used to make it a point to see them.
Well, after a long time, I saw a serial on TV which moved me to tears, literally! The show is “Naya Roop Nayi Zindagi”. Yes, its that 'extreme makeover' desi makeover!! I have seen couple of episodes of 'Extreme Makeover' but it just amused me, that all. The desi version, maybe because I related to the Indian participant, really touched my heart. The first episode especially was really a heart-wrenching story of a teenager. The makeover was indeed extreme, she was transformed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. You can see the episode online @
Not that I believe in outer beauty and not the inner beauty but face is indeed the showcases of one's personality. Though I might try my best to be unprejudiced by what I see but stark truth is that most of the world does not. As a beautiful face and body turns people's head with acceptance and admiration; an ugly face and body can bring sneer in rejection. The flaws on the face hides the true personality and I think it become important to bring clarity on it so that the inner confidence and beauty sparkles through.
I also like that apart from physical transformation, the show also tries to enhance one or other skill of the person to build much more confidence. The teenager in the first show loved dancing but was stage shy due to her looks. The show got her to join Shamak Davar's Dance classes and she indeed performed brilliantly in later part of the show.
For once, a reality show which truly touches human lives and transforms them in a very positive manner. The show really builds back the confidence of people who have had some shocking and heart breaking incidents in their lives. My compliments to the show team and also the concept originator.
PS: I must share also that I doubly relate with the participants of the show because I myself went through similar transformation process myself. The change is NOT so drastic but good enough for my ego boost :-)


Ricky said...

I was never fan of these extreme makeover shows out here, maybe coz its bit girly show :P I think physical beauty comes out if you are beautiful inside but you are right sometimes for confidence you need that boost. Although, again its the fault of our society to brand one thing as beautiful and other as not. There is a reason why India sells the highest number of fairness creams in the world.

anks said...

i loved makeover shows on t&l... whether ppl or homes or cars... thanks for the online link

lemme watch it now...