Oh well, I guess every one knows by now that I am a movie buff! I think its great that Moser Baer is making VCD/DVDs affordable at less than fifty rupees.
I recently bought a special set of six movies of one of India's greatest directors Guru Dutt. My dad, also a Guru Dutt fan, and I sat and watch all these movies over the weekend.

Jaane Woh Kaise Log The Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila
Humne To Jab Kaliyaan Maangi Kaaton Ka Haar Mila

Bichhad Gayaa Har Saathi Dekar Pal Do Pal Ka Saath
Kisko Phursat Hai Jo Thaame Deewane Ka Haath
Humko Apna Saaya Tak Aqsar Bezaar Mila
Humne To Jab...

Isko Hi Jeena Kehte Hain To Yunhi Ji Lenge
Uf Na Karenge Lab See Lenge Aansoo Pee Lenge
Gham Se Ab Ghabraana Kaisa Gham Sau Baar Mila
Humne To Jab...


Ricky said...

The site is pretty cool for old movies that's not easily available at affordable price. I recently booked a Gurudutt DVD in Library, waiting for it :-)

Juneli said...

It's really a very good news for the movie buff like us. I think I have to buy some of the films enrich my collection.

Guru Dutta is one of my fav director and actor and his film Pyasa and Kagaz ke Phool comes in my top 5 films :).

And for that last couple of day this song is echoing in my mind................