Are you more knowledgeable than Dr Kalam, Mr Karat?

ah well, no I am NOT aligning myself to left right or center! Just a thought cropped my mind and I wrote this blog. The political drama or should I say circus happening in media amuses me no end. The million dollar or rather billion dollar Question is about the nuclear deal with US. Is it in national interest or not? Here is what Dr Kalam says,
The Hindu Friday, Jun 27, 2008
Bangalore: The former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, on Thursday favoured India signing the nuclear deal with the U.S., saying that it would benefit the country which needs uranium supplies till thorium reactors are ready.
Mr. Kalam, speaking on the sidelines of the International Conference on Aerospace Science and Technology organised by the National Space Laboratories to mark the institute’s golden jubilee celebration, said “the pact will help us.” — PTI

Ahem... I guess most of the world knows Dr Kalam's credentials to speak on the subject matter, and I will surely take his word on this.
Mr Karat, Gen Secy of CPI(M) who seems to speak for the entire left does not accept or not even really care what Dr Kalam says. Actually it seems to me, He (and the left) are not really even bothered about the treaty, their problem is that its with US and not China!! BJP and rest of opposition is just too happy with left abandoning the govt and asking for blood. Their only objective seems bringing down the government by hook or crook!
National Interest, wotz that??? whatever it is, surely can't be mixed with politics :)

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anks said...

totally agree with you... and loved the last line!!! :)