Having seen so much life in my lifetime, very few things surprise me but I saw this news item and just the picture made me skip a heart beat and feeling breathless!
Around two-inch wide and five-feet-long iron rod pierced through 23-year-old Supratim Dutta’s body and remained embedded for 90 minutes but he survived and recovering at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).
The rod entered Dutta's body from the front on Saturday when his car rammed into a construction site on Mehrauli-Gurgaon road.
It remained embedded for one-and-a-half hours before he was taken to AIIMS.
A meticulous surgery was carried out on the HCL executive as a result of whom he is surviving.
"When he was brought to the hospital, we saw that an angle (rod) had pierced through the upper part of his abdomen and had come out of the thorax (chest) on the left side of the body," said Dr M C Misra, head of the department, Trauma Centre, AIIMS.
Even in that condition, he gathered strength to call up his family and friends for help.
"Locals had gathered by that time and managed to cut the angle and rushed him to the trauma centre," said one of Dutta's friends.
"When he was brought here, we saw that the rod had missed his vital parts, like the kidney and the heart," said Dr Biplab Misra, another surgeon who was a part of the team that conducted the surgery. Misra said this was the main reason for Dutta's survival too.
Another reason for Dutta's survival is that the rod was not extricated from his body.
"When the rod passes through the body, important blood vessels get punctured and the rod itself seals them. It is like a nail stuck in a tyre. If it is taken out, the tyre gets punctured. Till it is in, the tyre remains blown up. The same happened when the angle pierced through his blood vessels," said another doctor who did not want to be identified.
"Had anybody tried to take that rod out, Dutta would have suffered immense blood loss, leading to his death. But luckily he was brought with the angle in," Dr Misra said.
A team of anesthetists, trauma centre specialists and surgeons and workers from the blood bank struggled for nearly six hours and contributed to his survival.
"Several of his organs, including stomach and spleen, had been damaged when he was brought in. It is one of the rare surgeries. We had to be careful as one wrong move would have cost the life of the patient," said Dr Misra.
Dutta's condition is now stable and he will lead a normal life, said Dr Misra.

Well, My faith in someone really up there has increased. Also, some learning - Use presence of mind. Human body is pretty strong, more than body its our mind which needs training. I remember reading somewhere, the usual reasons of death in accidents or even bullet wounds is not the wound but loss of blood and shock. If one can contain that, you can bear almost anything.
Before closing, good luck and best wishes to Supratim Dutta. I guess I don't need to say God bless, He is indeed blessed but still God Bless!

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