Happy Valentine's Day!


hai sabhee kuchh jahaan me, dostee hain wafaa hain
apanee ye kamanaseebee, hum ko naa kuchh bhee milaa hain


Juneli said...

What a painful lines..............

Your word "kamanaseebee" reminded me Amrita Pritam's one line..... "Hum to jagate rahein par kistmat ko neeNd aa gai................"

Reading your lines feeling sad :-(

Goofy Mumma said...

completely unrelated to the post, but here goes my reply to your comments on my blog. I wanted to mail it, but you don't have an id anywhere on your blog.

"Question 1 - What other terrorist attack has taken place in the US since the 9/11. Please enlighten me.
Question 2 - Do have any idea of the figures spent on our defence budget? What is the need when there is no defence. That will ensure enough bread for everyone in your opinion i think.
Question 3 - I have a huge row going on at home, and my sister comes and slaps you, will stay low, because there is an internal problem in her family?
Question 4 - US created Osama, it is a well known fact. So? We let them attack our country time and again? What exactly is the connection?

Anyway, just wanted to tell you its a public blog, so reading it or not is for you to decide. I am surprised to know you read it at all, since you have always been in disagreement with my views. Also this is my space, my blog my views. If you don't agree to them, it does not change my view nor any of the facts I have stated.

What did you want to debate about? How about is India any safer post the Bombay attacks? has anything changed?"

Ricky said...

Wah wah