Jai Ho!

I bet some hundred thousand of blog will have this title today and maybe some more days to come! Yes, indeed it is a proud moment for many Indians who have got the Oscar and yes it does make us Indians also very proud of those Indians achievement. Surely feels very nice! That story of an Indian told from India has got this world recognition
My previous post did cast some apprehension. Yes, I am not happy that many many movies with much more positive subjects and which showed our country and us Indians in a much nicer light did not win awards like this. That does not take away my happiness at this honor the academy has bestowed on our countrymen.

I am so proud of you all, AR Rehman, Gulzar saab and Resul Pookutty!


Ricky said...

Guess what is the title of my latest post :P

Anonymous said...

Gulzar is one of my favourit lyrist. I'm very happy for him and all of them.

"Jai Ho!" :-D

Jagjit said...

Gulzar is end of discussion. :) So is Rehmaan.