For those who are against reservations

Well, there was a very big agitation against reservations many years back. Even now there is widespread anger about reservations. In a way I am also against mindless reservations to appease a certain section of society but there are aspects which has not been looked into by many. I would like to look at this from perspective of reservation bill for women.
The key is to look at state of women in India from present perspective, today in 2009. Women still get raw deal in a common household in India especially so in rural areas. I was appalled to know that even now nearly half the women in India get married before the legal age limit!
Last census listed women literacy at only 54% and something which is even more appalling is the fact that only about 13% of women have education higher than primary!
With these kind of statistics, do you think women in India have equal chance of being elected to prime democratic body of our country? Do you think there will be adequate representation of 49% of the population of the country? No, the dice is indeed loaded against women of the country.

Do you not think the other 51% population plays a greater role in deciding for entire population of the country? Is women empowerment essential to all round growth of the country? Yes, for adequate representation of about half the country's population and also to give a positive push for growth of women, we need some special action.
The proposed legislation is to reserve 33.3 percent seats in Parliament and state legislatures for women. I am all for it.

I am quite happy to know that Ms. Meira Kumar has been elected speaker of the Loksabha of Indian Parliament.
More power to women!

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