Dates in the calendar are closer than you think!

This is what I keep telling myself every now and then. No its not about some project deadline but impending vacation! yippee :)
It is indeed sort of yearly vacation but this year has been unusually boring and counter-productive in a way that I am hoping it ends soon and brings in the new year with newer cheer and anticipation. The tenth year of the new century. Wonder what it has in store for me? I just hope its peace and quiet. I can make do without the heart-breaks and disappointments. Well, I sound down and out; No I am not! Just a bit wary. In search of excitement I have only found irritating frustrations thus I am making a choice to hope for only peace and quiet in my life. Oh God, do give away the happiness, cheer, fun, laughter to whom so ever be in need of that; not me! Oh but sure please please do not send here sadness, bitterness or frustrations; just normal life in peace and quiet :) :D Peace be with you !

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