Great going, atta girl, Priyanka!

Wronged girl has beau arrested
Priyanka’s boyfriend lands in custody

BANGALORE: Priyanka and her supporters breathed a sigh of relief after her ex-boyfriend Anand, who married another woman on Friday, was arrested by the city police on Saturday evening. Priyanka had lodged a complaint with Nandini Layout police on November 29 and the police had allegedly called Anand and counselled both.
Police said that Anand had then told the police that he and Priyanka were just friends and did not have any other relationship.
However, fearing Priyanka’s intervention in his wedding, Anand had a registered marriage on November 2 with another girl. Priyanka along with his sisters had crashed into the wedding hall with a futile attempt of stopping the wedding, where she was assaulted by the groom’s parents. A case was registered with the Rajajinagar police.
Commissioner Shankar Bidari said that the police had no powers to stop a wedding but legally action would be taken.
Alleging that the police did not come for her rescue and it was due to their ignorance that she was facing the brunt, Priyanka and scores of members from various organisations staged a protest before the Nandini Layout police station on Saturday morning. Later, DCP North Revanna convinced the mob and said that legal action would be taken in the case in 24 hours.
As per the promise on Saturday evening, Anand was arrested and was being interrogated. Meanwhile, the Congress Yuva and Mahila wing also requested the Commissioner to take strict action and get Priyanka justice. However, police said that Anand who had initially refused to have had any intimate relationship with Priyanka has later confessed to have had a four-year-long courtship. Police are interrogating Anand and awaiting medical reports on Priyanka’s of being pregnant.

I feel quite happy that the gusty but wronged girl has got some justice at last. Women have always got short end of the stick in south Asian countries especially India. My anger is targeted not only towards the guy who are so coward that they are unable to raise their voice above their family but that doesn't stop them from not going ahead with any relationships which they cannot support! My protest is also against greedy families and especially Mothers who can only think of dowry as the decision factor for choosing a girl for their sons. Its indeed sickening to know that many a times the mother's love is the poison indeed which make the son a complete coward.
Great step taken by Priyanka of Bangalore. I appreciate her courage and strength of character that she was not scared by typical orthodox society but came forward to right the wrong which has been done to her.

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