Are children your property?

Well I was quite taken aback by this news item about mega-star of south Chiranjeevi's daughter Srija ran away from home to get married to her long time boy friend Sirish Bharadwaj. Srija told reporters that she was in love with Bharadwaj, a resident of Hyderabad, for the last four years.

Media reports, Mr Sirish Bhardwaj, 22, is a chartered accountant and Ms Srija is also pursuing the same course. “My parents kept me under house arrest for the past one year. Today, I escaped with the help of some friends and got married secretly,” she told reporters. She sought police and media protection as she fears her parents will take her away from her husband.

Well well, surely it is yet another example of (some) parents high handedness and immense selfishness in controlling their children to suit their own ulterior motives.


TinTin said...

There are three things here -
one: since parents spend tremendous amounts of energy, time and money on their children they expect that their children should respect their wishes. Some immature parents go a little too far and want to unconsciously control their children's lives.
two: a lot of parents feel that their children are not mature enough to make good decisions in life. They feel that they should continuously guide and protect their children from taking wrong steps.
three: many parents feel that their social reputation is tied to what their children do or do not do. Especially affluent people. If their child marries a commoner it is a social setback. They don't want it to happen at any cost.

Moonie said...

I find your response quite interesting, @one: Children are not God's gift to parents to run another life at your control; its NOT a crop which you sow and take care of for later reaping of benefits

@two: exactly, I agree... shows immense selfishness of parents.

I really want to question the so called "unselfish" love parents have to children; I don't think it can be taken as a blanket truth

Ricky said...

Its sad because these are all so called "educated" Indians. I think we need some adult classes for all the parents, to educate them on individual rights of their children.