Sting traps footsoldiers of Gujarat riots boasting about killings with state support

My heart breaks to just read about Tehalka's sting operation. It is not really a shock because a lot of this has been in discussion before and was always known as probable truth. What scares me is not the religious fundamentalism but the complete inhumanness of these people! I am in loss of words to echo my emotions, only thing I can say is that, being a devout Hindu who understands the preaching of great Hindu saints, this is surely NOT Hinduism.

I really do wish that inhuman organizations like RSS, VHP, BJP and Bajrang Dal dissuade themselves from being called followers of Hinduism and stop bringing bad name to my illustrious religion. These people follow no "religion" they are barbarians not too different from animals.

A lot has been said about Muslim fundamentalist and terror outfits, but in no way we can accept such activities as a reaction to those. I do not in any way accept iota of violence be it any religion in the world. More importantly NO religion teaches violence against innocent!

Down with people who propagate violence.

I remember Gandhiji's saying "eye for an eye will make the whole world blind".


anks said...

well, religious fanaticism is the fatest way to gain votes and political clout in our country. isn't it???

the quote you ended with is very very good.... why don't people realise this simple truth?

rewasmriti said...

Hi moonie,

I can only say these fundamentalists have changed the real meaning of hinduism.....They just trying to fulfil their political aim or watever on the name of religion. Kisi dharm mei sikhaya gaya hai khoon bahana....??

I feel they shouldn't be even consiered into animals category...!

In btwn nice quote.