Protesting against communalism

Everyone would have read about widespread violence in Mangalore, Karnataka. I understand that number of churches were destroyed and christian protesters were physically harmed even when the protest was non-violent! Shame on the local police to have either supported or being meek bystander in the process. Down with these people who in name of religion bring harm to others. As a devout Hindu, I would like to disown these people who are trying to claim Hindu support. Surely NOT! I protest against harming of unarmed non-violent people who mean no harm to others.
I do not support forced conversions from one religion to another, which I do understand is quite common in India. Drones of missionaries land up on our shores with plan to 'enlighten' supposedly dark minds. I wonder how can a closed mind open minds of others! This is as serious as the terrorism harming countries worldwide. In name of religion christian missionaries are polluting local culture. I wish I come across one such missionary and have an argument against religion conversions. In the same breath, I'd say Indian Federal or state governments have to bring in specific laws banning this practice of conversion without which these people have all the lawful rights to influence gullible rural poor people into conversion.
Someone said this before, not sure who, I may not agree with what they say but I will support all out that they have all the rights to say and do whatever they want to say and do !!!!!!

Do you agree?

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Throw out the Spineless Government said...

The quote about defending liberty to have an opposite view was by Voltaire, the French philosopher.

The point is that there is a limit to Hindu tolerance. The laws against gullible conversion exist.

Laws also exist against terrorism. However when the powers that they be, support missionaries for vote bank, common people are forced to take up law in their own hands.

Sad but true.

Consider the amount of effort and public mobilization required to get the Shree Amarnath Shrine board land back or to stop demolition of the Shree Ram Setu (by using a ship called Hanuman incidentally to rub salt in Hindu wounds).