Video Eyewear

Everytime I see some interesting video on my mobile or laptop or for that matter even TV, I wished I could see it in much bigger frame and clarity but not using a projector for which I need a huge plain wall or screen and rest of paraphernalia!
I ask the web using Google if there is something like a portable bioscope of olden times! and lo behold, there is not one but many companies offering their wares in this sphere and such things so to speak are called 'Video eyewear'! Seriously, this is the ultimate cool stuff to put on ur nose and step into the world of entertainment.... this is something on TOP of my wishlist........
Here are two examples:
Vuzix: AV920
The AV920 from Vuzix features our best mobile experience yet; a wearable virtual 62” big screen compatible with almost any audio/video device. Ditch your small screen and watch your movies with portable DVD players or personal media players in beautiful, crystal clear high resolution 2D and 3D. The AV920 also works with your video iPod! A small built in lithium ion battery allows for 5 hours of continuous use, and the iWear’s lightweight and ergonomic designs ensures long use in perfect comfort. The AV920 offers the ultimate big screen experience on the go.
ezGear: ezVision
ezVision X4 Video Glasses offers you a 64" virtual screen that fit like a pair of glasses. The ezVision X4 Video Glasses are ultra lightweight, weighing less than 4.0 ounces. With built in earphones, an 5 hour rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack, iPod Video* & DVD adapters, and the included wall charger, you canenjoy movies, music videos, cartoons, and podcasts. ezVision takes the “home” out of home theater and makes a portable wide-screen experience…well..ez.

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