Sajjanpur, Big Boss, this and that

Well I caught yet another new movie this weekend. 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' or 'Mahadev ka Sajjanpur' as the censor board certificate mentioned. Earlier this year when I saw 'Kismet Konnection' I thought that was very sweet movie made quite rare in bollywood; well rarity happened twice this year !! 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' is extremely sweet movie which is comic and thought provoking at same time.
I also updated myself with things happening in 'Big Boss 2' and was quite amused at the histrionics happening there. Surely entry of Diana Hayden has brought about some amount of sanity. I like the way Diana speaks all so mature and practical. Surely she seems beauty with brains! Her cool as cucumber attitude might just win her the game! Then I think, the boys would surely try to vote her off! Well anyways all this does make the program very interesting to watch. I actually watch it online! who has time to watch it late in night and then keep patience with many breaks of boring endless commercials!
Anyways, in both the movie 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' and 'Big Boss 2' just like Shilpa Shetty commented, there is no dearth of 'characters' and their peculiarities which make them extremely entertaining. I just can't imagine how a reality show could become as engaging and conflicting as a saas-bahu serial !!
Also another highlight of the weekend was the amazing 1000kg blast in Mariott Islamabad! wow, did you guess see [on tv/news] the crater the blast made? and also the CCTV footage! All I can say is WOW, what all can anger and hate make people do! I REALLY wish I could ask those Al-Qaida people, what did they achieve? Most of the near 60 people who lost their lives were drivers, security or staff of the hotel! Mostly poor and middle class people who have literally no say in either local government decision or least of all world politics! Has taking these lives helped al-Qaida's cause any way at all? Does their Allah allow such killings in name of Jihad? These people were likely thier own kin in some ways, at least by way of common faith! So in my opinion all what Al-Qaida has done is kill their own! So what is the point they are try to make?
In the same way many activists of Bajrang Dal have believed to have attacked and ransacked various churches in areas in and around Mangalore. They have even ransacked a prayer hall of nuns of a special order which only does prayers 24x7 and do not even interact with outside world! I believe the Bajrang Dal is against the coerched conversions but then 99% of churches which they ransacked do NOT do that at all !!! These dim-witted people even lack basic understands of various orders in christianity! Something like some American manhandled some sikhs after the 9/11 relating their 'pagadi' as similar to Osama !!!! I wonder if some Americans even think, Obama is some distant relation to Osama ! I won't be surprised.... so what is really these people's point at this violence?? Sadly this stupidity is not even amusing that these people who cannot even differentiate between right and wrong have immense amount of physical power to bring enough hurt in people! That 40 feet wide and 25feet deep crater stands witness.
Seriously speaking, I think these 'terrorist' are nothing but bunch of lunatics who have completely lost their mind! We need some very intelligent pyschologist who can cure these people's mental disease.


sachin said...

nice blog...

saurabh said...

The only problem with these people is that they choose to skip communication and only believe in action.
COmmunication and love alone can solve all problems.
Nice viewpoints- although I don't think Bigg Boss is worth a watch at all
Do have a look at my blog as well
Thanks and regards
Saurabh Turakhia

Colors said...

Wow, you watch Big Boss??
Yeam me too liked Kismet Konnection ...its a sweet movie...Among my recent fav though is Rock the songs!

That was my thoughts too when i saw the blast pics! How much hate can people hold on to and what all can it make them do! Recently heard news abt a bomb being found in Sikkim. Its reaching my dear peaceful state too! :(