End of an innings for Kiran Bedi


“It has been a life worth living. It has been a profession of my soul and heart. And truly, the end it has met was not imagined. But this was what the situation had demanded and it was necessary to drive home a point,” said Kiran Bedi without trying to hide her emotions.

Ms. Bedi, who had been ignored for the hot-shot post of Delhi’s Police Commissioner earlier this year, said: “You cannot be valued in one position and devalued in another. If the Government is really serious about [police] reforms, then why deny me the place from where I can effect them? What’s the point in doing paper reforms when there is no dearth of such recommendations lying un-implemented.”

The much talked about Magsaysay Award winner had submitted her application for voluntary retirement this past mid-November saying she wanted to quit in order to pursue her academic and social interests. The Government last week indicated that it would continue to avail itself of her services for its National Police Mission project, but she had rejected the offer saying she was not willing to work “for the Government” any more.

Saying that she was “grateful to the Government for not having delayed the approval” to her voluntary retirement plea, Ms. Bedi said she would continue to work on police and prison reforms besides pursuing other academic and social interests.

“I am already working on women empowerment in Panchayati Raj and will continue to work to groom future leaders,” she added.

Well, all I can say is Good Luck to Dr (Mrs) Bedi and I am looking forward to her hopefully playing some other socially relevant role in our country.

On the other note, Just while I was browsing the news in evening, I saw flash of news that Mrs Bhutto was assassinated. Quite sad I felt. Not that I know a lot about Pakistan's political scenario but I was quite impressed by her being a leader in the Muslim world which is not really known to encourage women.

Well, I guess, life goes on!

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