Taare Zameen Par - *****

Touching! :D well thats the word I would describe the movie with. I would recommend everyone to watch the movie. I watched a movie first day first show for the first time :D and every minute of the movie was lovely.

For a review one can check following links

Sadly the critics have given rating of only three stars (quite Good); I would like to rate it at five stars (Masterpiece); in fact in Times of India, reader's rating is 4 and 1/2 :D :) I am indeed Aamir Khan fan so pardon moi in case you do not agree but being a movie buff and one who has seen variety of movies from ones from old classics to modern technically superior ones, take my word, this one is just too good for ratings etc.

Well, being a curious body, I browsed the web for some more details on Dyslexia and I was pleasantly surprised to find many more celebrities (apart from ones mentioned in movie) suffered from Dyslexia in some form in their childhood. Some worth mention are Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Leno, Danny Glover, Orlando Bloom, Richard Branson of Virgin, John Chambers of Cisco, Charles Schwab, Tommy Hillfiger, Ann Bancroft .. *phew* .. huge list!!

I also found that the percentage of children suffering from Dyslexia is around 5-20%! Thats a big percentage! I am surprised that this subject had never come up before! Well better late than never, I am very happy for all children that finally one movie which brings the issue out for all world to think a bit about this and more importantly change outlook of adults to not just look at children in their preconceived notions but like the title says look at them as stars on earth! Each different and still bright as ever!


Colors said...

Great! I too am looking forward to watch the movie.

Ricky said...

I am so looking forward to watching this movie in India, which makes it all the more special :D

Nitin said...

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Colors said...

Hey Moonie, I watched Taare Zameen Par this Saturday..and wow! what a movie! I have never cried so much while watching a movie. Its heart wrenching and brilliantly made. The kid is amazing! Kudos to Aamir for making such a wonderful movie and bringing dyslexia to a common man's notice and finding such an amazing actor in Darsheel Safary. I will be recommending this movie to everyone I know :)

Alok said...

Indeed, "Taare Zammen Par" is indeed a very inspiring movie. Very well made, very well directed, and great acting by everyone, including the kid.

Yes, Dyslexia is the central theme in the movie.

However, the best part of the movie was that it successfully conveys the message to everyone: Every Person born in this world is special, and what we need is to let every child discover her own abilities, and then promote them.

Sadly, people in India want to raise only doctors and engineers.

When will we learn?

Ricky said...

I couldn't wait for my India trip to watch this movie and saw it this weekend and I ditto Colors. I have also reviewed the movie.

You forgot the biggest star who had dyslexia, Tom Cruise. I came to know about this problem from one of his interview itself.

Moonie said...

Thanks for your comments, Colors, Ricky and Alok. I am very happy that you also loved the movie. I also read that the movie opened quite low but now is doing very well due to word of mouth publicity. This is going to be likely another sleeper hit like 'chak de' and 'Jab we met'
PS: sleeper hit: Movie which seems doing very less business but over weeks small volume business adds up to be a huge hit.
PS2 [:D] Have you seen 'Jab we met', one of the sweetest movies for some time, even the debut movie of the director 'socha na tha' was quite a sweet romantic comedy. worth a dekho

Colors said...

Havent seen "Jab we met" yet (wow, it rhymes!) But have heard good reviews about it, so I'll probably rent a dvd. Dont like Kareena but again, heard that she's done decent acting. I don't remember much abt "Socha na tha" but if I'm correct, I hadn't liked it...I believe I even blogged something abt it.