Morning Raga

After a long time I sat through a movie on TV; a 2004's Morning Raga. I had heard about this movie and was a bit curious too.
Twenty years after a fatal bus accident, three lives altered by the tragedy become intertwined. Frustrated composer Abhinay (Rao), who survived the crash as a child but lost his mother, joins forces with two singers: Swarnalatha (Azmi), who saw her child and best friend, Abhinay's mom, perish; and pop vocalist Pinkie (Perizaad Zorabian), who lost her father. Together they all learn that music truly does have healing powers.

Really a touching movie. Its actually a feeling of disbelief once the movie ends wondering how did the writer/director weave story across generations, geographies and genres of music so well. One of those movies which nudges your heart gently and leaves you with a smile and a thought in the end.


Ricky said...

I really want to watch this movie and your review has really nudged me in that direction. This is a very well written review. Thanks !!

Picks said...

Hi Moonie,

Recently got a chance to wath this movie. Truely an amazing one.

- Siddhartha.