I was mighty surprised at Colors tagging me, for a bit I was checking for another "Moonie". I avoid sharing anything personal over the web, but then I thought there is no harm in answering the tag questions. just for colors I am making this post a bit colorful!

A - Available? - No comments ;)

B - Best Friend - J - was a colleague last decade but now he is my closest online pal!

C - Cake or pie - Apple Pie :) especially the one you get in mcdonalds. At one place in US I remember eating kiwi pie and key lime pie too, yummmmmm.

D - Drink of choice - Well, I'd love to say life giving water but it wouldn't be truth, I like my drinks strong, Scotch or Long Island Ice Tea.

E - Essential thing used everyday - yups toothbrush and toothpaste! To add to this is kohl, I just cannot feel dressed without it. Its very rare you'd see me without kohl in my eyes; usually its eye liner and kohl.

F - Favorite Color - Well its difficult but then I look at my recently decorated home and find ample sprinkling of darker shades of green, so I guess green must be my favorite. Recent fancy are Indigo and Brick.

G - Gummy bears or worms - Well, since this candy is not very common in India, I don't have a preference for either. I will share that once upon a time I used to eat tons of 'Mango bite', there was a time when my colleagues would drop on my desk just to get a bite of mango :))

H - Hometown - Delhi. Though my family belongs to Alleppey in Kerala but since I was brought up in Delhi; every time some one talks about hometown I can only think Delhi.

I - Indulgence - There is a popular ice-cream parlour in Bangalore called 'Corner House', they have a sundae called 'Death by chocolate'. death by chocolate is completely uplifting!

J - January or February - February, cause I feel quite settled into the new year after about a month. January is too anxious and in anticipation

K - Kids and names - I don't have kids but if I ever had, I would love to name them 'Nandini' or ever favorite 'Rahul'. Lots filmi but then everyone knows I am a movie buff.

L - Life is incomplete without - Internet. A strange choice, I know but apart from love of my family who don't live with me, I realize internet is my "need" without which I feel something is amiss. Life without being connected to the world is unimaginable. Recent addition to pass time over web is SecondLife, do you have a second life??

M - Marriage Date - No Comments.

N - Number of siblings - Same as Colors; 1 elder n wiser brother.

O - Oranges or apples - Tangy Oranges.

P - Phobias or fears - hhhmmmm... being abandoned.

Q - Quote - "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal”.

R - Reason to smile - In Zen they say 'This too shall pass'.

S - Season - Rainy, absolutely love the rains. In Delhi it would pretty hot so it was absolute fun getting drenched in rains but even now I love watching rains and how everything turns deeper green after that.

T - Tag three people - I was surprised when Colors tagged me. I'd invite any one who is interested to take up the tag.

U - Unknown fact about me - Plenty, Its a difficult question to answer over the web because I try to remain a private person. Hhhhmmm something I'd like to share is that I used to make my own dresses when I joined college. I would copy designs from magazines, cut and stitch Salwaar, Chudidaar Kameez by my own. Yet another unknown fact about me is that I can cook quite well but I cook just a few times a month!

V - Vegetable you don't like - Its difficult to think about a specific vegetable which I don't like; rather I don't like any vegetable made bland e.g. eggplant is edible only as Baigan ka bharta and Bitter Gourd as bharwan kerala punjabi style, various pumpkins in coconut milk Kerala style

W - Worst habit - Procrastination.

X - X-rays you have had - usual ones teeth and chest.

Y - Your favorite food - Well, I am a chocoholic so anything chocolate is my favorite. Also one of my fav is a simple Maggi noodles made with a little extra water so that it becomes more of soupy noodles. One more fav I'd like to mention because that probably one of the very few things I miss from US is Gen Tso Chicken! :) :D

Z - Zodiac - Crab - Cancer.


Ricky said...

I also tagged you na :( (lol...kidding)

I like Apple Pie of McDonald's too but don't like a whole lot of them.

Ooooo, I loved Mango Bite too...yummy.

Aha, you a Dilliwaale too...interesting.

LOL @ filmi names.

Nice to know more facts about 'secret' you, am glad Colors tagged you :D

anks said...

death by chocolate is absolutely divine!!!! :)


Colors said...

Cool! Thanks for accepting the tag..and that too so prompt!

I like Long Island Iced Tea too! And I too cant go out without applying eye-liner.
Death by Chocolate sounds like sin! I gotta try it :)
And wow! You can stitch? My mom used to make all my dresses when I was a kid. Never felt the need of "ready-made" garments.
Hehe...Maggi is up my list too...but Momos beat it hands down :)

Thanks again! It was a fun read.

Colors said...

I forgot...have u tried Kachhi Mango Bite? I absolutely love it! I recently asked my friend visiting India to get me a packet. Infact, I am sucking one right now :) ...slurrrpp!

Anonymous said...

hummm so here too tag ... will read later on.

Came here to wish you a very Happy New Year.

Thanks dear keeping visiting my space.