This is second case which I have come across where normal looking, seemingly educated people have meted out immense cruelty on their under-aged servants. The question is not whether they worked according to the requirements of the employer or not, even not whether they might have stolen money or other items; Question is does the employer has any right to beat the under-age servant? Another bigger questions is, how long will we turn blind eye towards child labor? Why did the neighbors and relatives not question the employers?

Boy pays heavy price for Rs-5 bread
On Saturday evening, Latha asked Vijay to buy some goods from a nearby shop. The boy went to the shop and bought the goods. The shopkeeper returned him a balance amount of Rs 5 which Vijay used to buy bread as he was hungry. When he returned home, Latha asked him for the balance amount. When the boy said he had bought bread with the money, a fuming Latha beat him black and blue and hit him on the head with a piece of wood several times and put him in a room. After some time, she branded him with a hot iron on his legs, hands, stomach and face.

Minor girl working as help rescued in Gurgaon
Reportedly, one of Lakhi's eyes was swollen, three of her teeth were broken and there were burn marks on her arms and back. Lakhi complained it was because she was burnt with a hot pan on several occasions. Worse, she had head injuries as she was reportedly thrashed against the wall.

I have taken a decision, if I ever come across child labor; I am going to question the employer even if it is my neighbor or relative AND report it to police.
My request = You also do the same.

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Ricky said...

I am not sure how people's conscious allows them to get so cruel. Good on ya girl.