Underlining the popular sentiment, Shobhaa De began the debate with a "fight back" war cry. “Mumbaikars are burning with rage and are looking for leadership that the city has spectacularly failed to provide. Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh says there was information but not specific ones. As if terrorists will call and inform the CM about the locations they intend to strike! I have never heard such a ridiculous statement," she said.

I can agree too much with Shobha De! Its not a failure of any security group at all, it is failure of our security establishment as a whole. We need some different way of handling this kind of terror, the old police and intelligence will NOT work.
The other questions which comes to my mind are
1. Why did Vilasrao had to physically land in Mumbai to take decision? Had he left back his brains and mouth in Mumbai? If he had them where ever he was ( in Kerala reports say) why his brains didn't tell him that strike at multiple places is not something his resources can handle and ask for NSG immediately? He called Home minister Patil at 11pm! That is like at the least 1hour late.
2. Why NSG needed IL76? Why couldn't a private airline boeing be asked for? It took from 11pm to 5.25am to reach Mumbai? Why couldn't security agencies think of better logistics? Also the basic question, if NSG is based at one location, Why do they not have their own transport? Did the home minister need a mainframe computer to tell him that it is logical requirement for a security agency of this kind?

I understand Shivaraj Patil the National home minister has resigned. I demand for whole of Maharastra government's head. They need to go. In fact I demand even Indian Prime Minister should submit his resignation and work as 'care taker' government for 2-3months which is time left for national elections. Go away Deshmukh, R R Patil and Mr Singh.

More questions:
3. Why the same old lethargic people being considered for Home Minister post? P. Chidambram? How is he going to give fresh ideas on security? Why is no security specialist being considered? Why can't someone from outside (maybe a career IPS?) being considered? Why no out of box thinking? [The basic parliament membership need can be easily handled through Rajya Sabha membership?
] I would be happy even if at the least someone young someone of this century like Rahul Gandhi or Milind Deora could be considered, the likelyhood some 'fresh' ideas could be much more.

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