Terror attack on Mumbai

I have no words to explain the pain and anguish at this act of cowardly terrorists! My prayers for all who have been affected by this tragedy.
Edit 28/11:
Oh the sights on TV about terror still alive in Mumbai! My heart goes out to the hostages still in the hotels and Nariman House.
I REALLY wish if there was a way out! There is NO point blaming the government or security agencies or even intelligence. The circle of hate is coming back to hit us. Yes, deep inside I do think the 'Babri Masjid' incident was the ignition to this extreme terrorism in India. IF only it had not happened! I can debate that the terrorist strikes won't have been even 5% of what they are now. Anyways what is done cannot be undone!
Interestingly the game of politics is probably the only gainer of this terror strike! Various politicians are trying the gain political mileage and are shooting off their mouth and even trying hard to accomodate their feet there! One such politician claims "Islamabad's "blatant violation" of UN conventions" !!!!!! I can only embarrasingly laugh, IF Islamabad had any control on all this terror would they have let their Mariott be bombed? Would their own daughter of soil lost her life? Sheer stupidity! Sadly a big chunk of population in that politician's home state, listens with admiration! I would rather listen to Prime Minister's "disappointing" address than his extremely shameful speech which only points finger at everyone else! I would like to know what was he upto when his own city was being bombed in serial blasts!

Well, let me not fall prey to such cheap and senseless political environment.
What can I do? Is there anything which I can do to reduce the terrorism even by an iota?

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Juneli said...

Very sad.......... :(

The terrorism and violences increasing every where day by day......... We are from earth and now where to go to find the peace :(