‘Don’t give air time to politicians’

India Today reports that TV channels across the country have been flooded with calls, text messages and emails from angry and disturbed citizens asking for politicians not to be given any air time to express their grievances, views, or political statements.
A text message from fashion designer Wendell Rodricks reads, "Dear friends, please use your influence with friends in media, especially television for not giving any coverage or sound bytes to politicians who will now come crawling out with their excuses and accusations as well as hiding their own inefficiencies."
Well I'd like to agree completely! PLEASE yes just as a dedication to the hundreds of people who got killed or injured in this attack, if nothing else, let us NOT allow these politicians to make a mockery of this loss!

Type 'SALAAM' and sms to 56388 to dedicate your thoughts to the heroes of the country. This is a service done to nation by NDTV

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