How Patil and Deshmukh could have reacted

Well, I thought a lot about the public outrage against the politicians, they are not wrong but keeping in mind that yet these people are also humans with limited resources and working inside the system. IF they were really remorseful and wanted to show ownership and responsibility, they could have done it. Putting myself in their shoes, I thought. This is my thinking. Shivaraj Patil, Deshmukh and RR Patil should have been at the scene of action [ well not literally but at least in the area.. maybe inside gateway of India or even in sea next to Apollobunder ]. Even with their big contingent of security personnel or even only say two gaurds, As it is the whole areas of action were cordoned off by local security agencies, what fear they had? They could have sat in the media area and spoken about their concern and things which were done and steps taken to stop this kind of terror act and why they failed and scarcity of funds or resources. Whatever it took to explain their situation and demonstrate their solidarity with the people affected and people at large. They could have sat there for at least couple of hours every day or night and showed their concern.

Instead, Deshmukh and Shivraj Patil went in hiding; R R Patil repeatedly put his foot in his mouth with his arrogant stance. Not once they were any apologitic! Shows they are completely worthless. This I say to them:
Any shame in you, resign and go away!

Edit: 1/12:
Good news: Shivraj Patil lost his Home portfolio to P Chidambaram. Also it is very likely late today, Deshmukh and RR Patil will also be asked to step down.
Interestingly and very sadly, I would like to add that, the cheapness of politicians is not limited to specific party. Others are also equally worthless, shameless and good at putting thier foot right into their mouth.
Mr L K Advani and Rajnath Singh has no time to attend all party meet on security today; busy campaigning you see, of course with his Z level security through NSG commandos - after all votes is more important than any security for people at large
Mr Narendra Modi offers 1cr compensation to Mrs Karkare widow of ATS chief Karkare! Surely Mrs Karkare threw back the money offered right back at his face!
Mr VS Achudanandan lands up at Mr Unnikrishnan, Sunil Unnikrishnan's, home uninvited! Mr Unnikrishnan quite right showed him the door!
BJP ofcourse wants to make hay while the sun shines, hoping for this terror attack to bring down UPA govt; BJP spokesperson Prakash Javdekar, demanded that the UPA government should resign taking responsibility for its “failure” to handle internal security! Well it does sound great but my question, why did Narendra Modi and Vijayraje Scindia not resign after the bomb blasts? Even LK Advani did not resign after the Parliament attack. Also what exactly did they do after it? Except ofcourse spend tons of money and put troops on the border to do nothing!
So this is what I have to say next:
Please Mr Politician do not open your mouth to put your foot right into it. Its just to sickening to hear conscienceless people. We, the people of India, do NOT want to hear stupid remarks and political statements.

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The tragedy of our times is that the incompetent people hold the offices of responsibilty. It is time, we all hold them accountable for their irresponsible behavior in office.

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